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The youth of a community are not only a valuable source, but are a vision of our future.  We cannot take them for granted.  Many of today's young men and women have the capabilities and the desires to make a difference in the world around them.  They want to volunteer; to help; to be a contributor to their own communities.

We, as Lions, have a unique opportunity.  Through the Leo and Youth Outreach programs, we can challenge youth to learn, to achieve, and to serve.  By experiencing satisfaction of making a contribution today, we can encourage a commitment that will last a lifetime. Tomorrow depends upon what we do today.

Leo clubs are an official activity of Lions clubs international that encourages young men and women to serve others in their communities and around the world. Leo clubs are sponsored by local Lion clubs and are either school-affiliated or community based.

The Leo clubs provide young people between the ages of 12 & 28 with volunteer opportunities and is in structure similar to the Lion's clubs. As member of an international club, the Leo's also develop leadership skills. The Leo's motto is Leadership, Experience and Opportunity.

Youth Outreach mission is to help and challenge youth to learn, to achieve and to grow. It applies to drug abuse prevention, community services, education, environment, health, international services and recreation programs. Changing Tomorrow Today is a multifaceted Lions youth program.

District 5M-9's youth outreach programs include:  Youth Outreach Poster Contest All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in all District 5M9 school districts are eligible to create an 18"x 24"poster. The subject could be on drug or alcohol abuse, Awareness, Violence, Volunteering, Citizenship, or any aspect of life and growing up. It is encouraged that each club sponsor this program and award prizes at the local level and bring their winning poster to the mid-winter convention where it will be voted on.


Peace Poster Contest. Dream of peace is this year's theme. This contest is open to students ages 11,12, or 13 on November15, 2001. This poster consists of no words or numbers and should be judged on originality, expression of theme and artistic merit. By participating, you are encouraging children to consider the importance of world peace.

Scholarship. This year District 5M9 is offering up to nine scholarships in the amount of $1000.00 each.  To be eligible to apply a student must be in their 3rd or 4th year of college, they must be in a program which leads to a career in youth work, and they must have graduated from a high school in the 5M-9 district.

Click here for the Scholarship Application

Quest - Dare Cooperation.  Since 1984, Lions clubs have sponsored Lions Quest programs through the youth outreach program. Skills for growing, Skills for adolescence and Skills for action, teach young people the skills they need for every day living. The skills include learning to accept responsibility, communicating effectively, setting goals, making healthy decisions and resisting pressure to use alcohol or drugs. This year we will be incorporating the policy  based Dare program with the Quest program.